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Eden of the East 03 – “Boy+Girl+Empty Mall=Watch a Movie With a Dog”

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“OMG the puppie!”

Hi again. Due to my exams I’ll just do a smaller summary but still the usual thoughts. By the way, to all the readers of our blog, be more active.

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Eden of the East 02 – “Japan is full of holes…”

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“He doesn’t have memories but he remembers the movies he has seen..”

Hi again! Have you seen this episode? I think it’s pretty amazing. The story of Eden of the East (Higashi no Eden) is now building up, making the anime more and more addictive. When I finished the episode I felt like I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Continue reading

Eden of the East 01 – “Why not a naked woman instead?”

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“He’s not at home”

First of all, hi again! Since Bleach is turning into a big fail (just my opinion, they can do much better), I couldn’t do the reviews without my karma bugging me, so I choose mental sanity rather than do the reviews. But now I’m back on the game with Eden of the East, which I think it has a lot of potential to become a great anime.  Well, let’s get started. Continue reading

Anime spring season 2009

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Spring is arriving and with a new anime season. Like what we did with the previous season we will give you our opinion about the show that we are going to watch. Be warned that they are OUR choices, that doesn’t mean that you will like the show or that it will be good.

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