Soul Eater EP 33 “Resonance Chain: Playing the Soul’s Melodies?”


“After the release of “Wrath of the Lich King” Stein’s social was over…”

Hi there again!!!! This time I’m late because of the fansubs :P, and some other things too xD. So let’s now start this review…

Now (as always) the resume:

Stein continues to have moments of insanity caused by Asura’s revival along with additional destabilization from Medusa’s magic within Marie, which results in Shinigami’s concern. Stein and Shinigami discuss the topic of “Brew”, in which Shibusen and Arachnophobia are likely to meet in combat for. Shinigami instructs Stein to speed up the process of linking the students’ souls together for greater offense. Kid, Maka, and Black Star are formed as a team, along with their weapons, and must link their souls together. If they fail, Stein will drop the students from his class. After many unsuccessful attempts, Maka accuses Black Star for their failure to do so. The two quarrel over the mishap, but in the end, Tsubaki convinces Maka to accept Black Star for who he is and the three successfully link their souls together. Meanwhile, Mosquito reveals to followers of Arachnophobia that they have acquired “Brew”, and declares war on Shibusen.

Now let’s start the review

So, this episode is more focused around the relation between Maka’s group and the preparation for the battle involving the demon weapon Brew. I liked this episode for two reasons. First, the way that the insanity, step by step is taking control over Stein. I really want to see how this will progress and if he’ll be strong enough to resist. The second reason, because I liked this little fight between Maka and Black Star, when friends want to “kill each other”  and all, but in the end the true friendship is what prevails. It’s interesting for the history and we can see more of the relations of all the caracthers. Can’t wait now for the next ep where we will see WAAAAAARRRR!!!! Until then, have fun.


“I want to try insanity too, I want to see weird things and save money on drugs”


“Soul really has style when he wears this suit”


“I said I don’t want have hot and wild sex with you, Marie would kill me”


“Rolling in the garbage, the favorite hobbie of Maka”


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